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History of the plant


According to the decree by the People’s Commissariat for Education in Dnepropetrovsk, «MANAPO» workshops have been launched aimed at producing visual aids for school education and metalwork equipment.
In 1927 the workshops launched their first products and namely this year is considered to be the plant’s year of foundation.
Rapid growth of production stipulated even swifter development of the works. In 1932 those managed to grow into a machine-tool factory №2, which was named after Georgiy Dimitrov in 1934.


The physical instrument factory №14 named after V.P. Zatonsky is being separated from a machine-tool factory named after Georgiy Dimitrov, becoming the major enterprise of the branch.
In the period between 1934 and 1938 the plant manufactures general purpose lathes ТВ-1 and ТВ-2 without spindle gearing (items per month – 22-24 pcs) and visual aids for school purposes. In 1939 – shell casings for 45-mm anti-tank projectiles; visual aids for school purposes.


According to the decree by Council of People's Commissars of USSR the plant №14 was transferred into the structure of The People's Commissariat of Aviation Industry of the USSR and had acquired the name Union State Factory №462. The factory provided the similar product range. In addition, the factory received a request to develop the manufacture of 4 mln. piston rings for aircraft engines.
The same year there have been introduced:

  • a foundry with 2 cupolas;
  • electric substation;
  • boiler premises;
  • factory management office;
  • building of the new production premises was initiated.

Up until 1941, the plant had 11 buildings with an overall area of 3000 square meters, 250 equipment units and over 1000 workers and staff.

July 1941

The factory was evacuated to the city of Molotov (currently Perm) where it, as a workshop, was included into the facilities of aircraft engineering factory №19, supplying the piston rings to all aircraft engine manufacturers of the war-torn country.

November 1943 — January 1944

The factory serves as repair and maintenance works of the People's Commissariat of Aviation Industry.  Re-initiation of economic activity, recovery works, enlistment of labor force, equipment supply to the production premises.

February 1944

The maintenance workshops have been re-named into the factory #489 of  the Directorate General of the People's Commissariat of Aviation Industry.
Economic activity:

  • Carrying-out repairs of trucks GAZ-AA for frontline needs.
  • Manufacture of the cylinder liners for tractors, window hinges, rotary table vices, etc. for the needs of national economy.
  • Initiation of renovation activities for the buildings destroyed by German invasion. The Factory receives the housing stock of 5 two-storied residential houses.

1945 — 1948

A serial production of 13 items of aviation equipment has been initiated, including pumps РНА-1А, РНМ, АРГ.
The boiler premises as well as electric substation was restored, new production premises #2 was launched into service; a new 150 kW diesel generator was installed and brought into service.

1949 — 1950

Initiated production projects: gear rotary pump МШ-ЗА, carburetors -14, К-14У-5 up to 10000 pcs/month, DC electric drives МП-100Б, МГП-180, МБП-3, Д-100, Д-20.
The production premises #16 (workshop 22) were restored.
A three-storied building for dormitory and canteen was completed.

1951 — 1955history of the plant

New production items developed and manufactured: electric engines МБ-280, МГП-700, МВ-1000А; centrifugal pumps ПНВ-2, ПН-45, ЭЦН-Т, ВН, ЭЦВМ, ПЦР, 495-2, etc.
In 1951 the volume of marketable products increased by 3,4 times.
In 1952 the design of new electric vacuum cleaner ПС-1 was developed and put into mass production.

In 1954, the serial production of new vacuum cleaners "Днепр-2", "Днепр-3" was launched, with quantities up to 47000 items per year.

1956 — 1965

The total item list and nomenclature of products is further extended for electric drives and centrifugal pumps; the factory launched thermal regulators 1074 equipped with resistor РБП-45; several sets of main parts and sub-assemblies for turbogenerator АИ-8 were completed. The new developments included the modern vacuum cleaner «Ракета» (Raketa) – the best vacuum cleaner of the designated years in the whole of USSR – with production volume up to 186000 pcs per year and a table fan ВЭ-1, with production volume up to 250000 pcs per year.

  • Electrostatic field generator for painting of main components and supplementary components of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Conveyors for assembly operations of a vacuum cleaner and a fan

The nomenclature of electric engines and centrifugal pumps was further extended. More than that, the production of the new plunger pump НП-34, fuel feed system АТП-8, electric drive "БО", excess pressure valves КИД and cooling systems ЖЯ was launched. Due to apparent improvements, the service life of 30+ sub-assemblies and aggregates was extended by 1.5-2 times.

1966 — 1982

histor of the plant

On April 30th, 1966 the factory was assigned the designation ‘Dnepropetrovsk Aggregate Plant’. The product range was further refined:

  • Extending range and assortment of electric engines and centrifugal fuel pumps;
  • Launch of production for plunger pumps НП96М, НП96А, НП-103, НП-85, 6Ц, НП-108;
  • Over 20 items are produced, designated as ‘consumer goods’ items.

In 1982 the production of vacuum cleaners per year reached 675192 pcs, the production of fans – 331000 pcs.

New technologies were implemented:

  • Pressure die casting up to 1200 tons per year;
  • Investment casting up to 45 tons;
  • CNC machines over 200 items, incl. machining centers 10 items;
  • 145 various automatic and semi-automatic machines;
  • Mechanized utilities for handling operations and transportation operations – 188 items.

Production processes are being largely automated.
Service life of manufactured items increased by 35%.
Data-processing center with 2 computers was established.

1982 — 1988

Products: electric engines, centrifugal and plunger pumps, consumer goods.
In 1988, the plant manufactured over 200 individual items, 3 modifications of vacuum cleaners:  «Ракета-9А», «Ракета-9В», «Ракета-12А» – altogether 810000 of them were produced. The technologies were refined as were the constructional capabilities of the items, with production standards constantly improving.

1989 — 1999

history of the plant

In 1990 Dnepropetrovsk aggregate plant named after 50th anniversary of USSR is reorganized into ‘Production association «Dnepropetrovsk aggregate plant» according to the decree by the Minister of Aviation industry of USSR under # 396 as of 04.09.90. The plant incorporates «Marganets hydrolysis & yeast factory» under the designation of «Marganets electrical appliances factory».
According to the decree of the municipal executive committee under # 517 as of 16.06.92 the factory was renamed into the state enterprise «Aviaagregat».

The orders for electric engines, pumps and other products drastically plummet.
Vacuum cleaners produced in 1993 – 443526 pcs.
Vacuum cleaners produced in 1996 – 75846 pcs.
The plant masters the production of new types of items:

  • Dry cleaning equipment T-1A
  • Components and assemblies for cars: ДТ-00, pulleys, КП-80
  • Spare parts for agricultural machinery — КЕС, КУЖ
  • Pumps for dairy industry А1-ЖЛ2-5, К-5-ОНВ, ПУП-25, ПУП-10; deep-well pumps ЭЦВ-6-17-75
  • Electric drives ДПГ-1, 5 for electric transport, etc.
  • Electric saws ИЭ-5113.

In 1995 hydraulic equipment for mining and quarrying entered production under nomenclature ЭРА-32, РС, ГВТН, КГУ.
On July 29th 1996 state enterprise ‘Aviaagregat’ is restructured into a joint-stock company «Dnepropetrovsk aggregate plant».


Full production downswing was brought to a halt. A consistent increase of production and sales volume for the majority of production items is secured and reaches up to 10-15% on the average.
A substantial technical refurbishment and production renovation are initiated and completed. The factory management and executive system is reorganized. The labor efficiency grows steadily as do the wages and salaries.


Engineering & data processing centerAn engineering & data processing center was established, having no equivalents or analogs in Ukraine. It is fitted with state-of-the-art office equipment and computers to ensure complex mathematical modeling and most up-to-date engineering and design developments, incl. those for CNC machining.  New automated enterprise management systems are being implemented (1C: Accounting, 1C: Warehouse management, 1C: customer-bank).
A modernization and technical refurbishment of the production are being implemented, new technologies are introduced, modern mechanical treatment equipment is purchased (CNC centers of world-known brands). Enterprise management system is being optimized; the optimization of the production, department and enterprise services is in full swing. In the framework of the state program JSC ‘DAP’ manufactures the longwall set of units for mechanized lining support 1КД99, which was eventually launched into operation at Geroev Kosmosa Mine (DTEK Pavlogradugol).


The enterprise embeds and organizes a joint production of motor transport items with the Chinese company «Futong» (licensed for production by Honda) – modern motor scooters and motorcycles are being produced.
Assembly and testing facilities as well as the service center are being established; the enterprise initiates the production of component parts and assemblies directly on the premises.


Commercial production of consumer vacuum cleaners is continued: Ракета 30, Ракета 35, Ракета 40, Ракета 45.
Development and commercial production of electric engines ДС 0,02   ДАТ-03.
Development and implementation of new assemblies for mining and quarrying equipment:

  • Hydraulic distributors
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Hydraulic props
  • Hydraulic en-bloc units, etc.


The commercial production of electro-hydraulic components for control units of mechanized lining support inside coal mines – unit ДАЗ.000 (developed by JSC «DAP»).
New assemblies and units for aviation purposes are being developed.


New developments in the sphere of consumer products (HVAC brackets for consumer air-conditioning systems, crinkled hoses for water pipes, etc.). The production volume decreases due to the worldwide economic recession. Commercial development of certain items and assemblies for mining equipment has been suspended, the volume of orders declines. The production is forced to work short weeks.


The enterprise has surmounted the forced production downswing of the previous years and virtually re-established the prior-to-crisis level of production and sales volumes.
Development and commercial production of electro-hydraulic unit МЭГ.00.000.01 – part of control system for mechanized coal-mining complexes (Developed by DONGIDROMASHUGOL).
Development and commercial production of new aviation items: plunger pumps (НП96-М1), centrifugal pumps (ЭЦНГ5А-2), ejector pumps, generators (ГВ-4), mounting devices, valves, etc.
Annual production volume increase over 120%.
On 13.07.2011 according to the Law of Ukraine «On Joint-Stock Companies» as of 17.09.2008 #514-M the Joint-stock company «Dnepropetrovsk Aggregate plant» was renamed into PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY «DNEPROPETROVSK AGGREGATE PLANT».