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Marketing and enterprise development

Vitally important to the enterprise are the issues of development and new technology adoption. In the last decade the enterprise itself went through substantial modernization twice.

Technical refurbishment of the production is ongoing, systematic and according to plans, new technologies are being implemented and new equipment for mechanical treatment is being actively purchased. The enterprise implemented automated enterprise management systems (1C: Accounting, 1C: Warehouse management, 1C: Customer-bank).

A computer-based engineering center has been created, having no counterparts or similar facilities anywhere in Ukraine. It is equipped with state-of-the-art computer hardware and software solutions. Engineering designs, developments and documentation, CNC machine software and program development is conducted exclusively through electronic medium.

Production computerization is carried out (routing, working time management system), management system is being constantly optimized. All productions processes are clearly optimized due to the complex re-organization of the production, enterprise departments and offices.

All this allows the company to participate in the production of the most advanced models of aircraft, in the modernization of control systems of mining equipment and in the industrial production of consumer goods.

Due to technical re-equipment, the company also actively conquering European markets. Particular importance for the development of the plant has a marketing service that provides search and analysis of new business fields, creating the company’s image in the domestic and overseas markets, actively advertise their products and services in the media and at trade shows.

Aviasvit 2014 elcomUkraine 2015 PTG Katowice 2015
«Aviasvit 2014» «elcomUkraine 2015» «PTG Katowice 2015»

Together with the Center of engineering and business development we are implementing innovative projects in the enterprise. This is resulted in organize of separate production, that’s producing high quality products for European customers.